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What’s your Concern?
Overall Wellness
Fat Reduction
Acne Scarring
Sagging Skin
Skin Rejuvenation
Wrinkles/Fine Lines
Body Contouring
Which do you Prefer?
NEW ECP Therapy
NEW Liposonix Fat Reduction
CO2 Fractional Laser
Spectra Peel Laser
Chemical Peels
Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa
General Skin Rejuvenation, Poor Complexion, Rough Skin, Texture Concerns
Treatment Options

CO2 Micro Fractional Laser
Who is it for ? Fractional laser technology provides a lower downtime than medical aesthetic machines of the past, our CO2 technology enhances collagen production and tightens the skin, while providing a general skin rejuvenation.

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Spectra Peel Laser Nd:YAG
Who is it for ? Suitable for those with general skin rejuvenation requirements, this highly flexible laser system provides multiple forms of pre-mature ageing benefits in a single package.

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MD Dermatics Whitenance System
Who is it for ? For those with various pre-mature ageing concerns, who prefers a general approach to treating their concerns. Customers will see an overall improvement to their skin condition vs just using machines for treatment.

Combination Therapies

What is
Therapy ?
Every method comes with its own pros and cons. By combining different products, services and technologies, we’re able to overlap the benefits of each method to maximise each method’s potential and reach the most optimum level results possible.

Single Session - 1 x Spectra Laser Peel
- Physician Sunblock (1oz)
Mild Concerns
2 months program
- 3 x Spectra Laser Pee
- Whitenance Cream
- Physician Sunblock (3oz)
Moderate Concerns
4 months program
- 4 x Spectra Laser Peel
- Whitenance Cream
- Night Brightening Cream
- Physician Sunblock (3oz)
Severe Concerns
6 months program
- 8 x Spectra Laser Peel
- Whitenance Cream
- Night Brightening Cream
- Gentle Cleanser & Toner
- Physician Sunblock (3oz)